A Question I Was Asked:

Was Joseph a Type of Jesus?

The Actual Question:

'Is It true that Joseph was a type of Jesus? I have heard this claim but I need a broader opinion from a more reliable source. Thank you, many people, I am sure, really appreciate your unbiased reliability in some of these difficult areas.'

UK Apologetics Reply:

Oh yes, Joseph was one of the clearest types of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Old Testament! He is not the only one - Isaac too, of course, was typical of Jesus, yet the similarities between Joseph and Jesus are almost astonishing at times.
I have not put together an article on this subject myself, but here are links to a few articles on the 'net' which pinpoint some of the similarities.
By the way, nobody should think that we necessarily support the theological conclusions in all of these articles, at least two, for example, support the rapture theory (which we do not), yet the articles will be generally helpful to those researching the typology between Joseph and Jesus. One or two of these articles also possibly strain things to the limit in seeing similarities which may not exist, so we just advise the reader to research, but be wary!

Here are the links:

Joseph (A Type of Jesus)

Joseph - The Suffering Servant

Christ, The Only Way

Again, I cannot personally substantiate every statement in these articles. The articles will be helpful, not theologically, but as a general guide to noting some amazing similarities between Joseph and our Lord Jesus.
Robin A. Brace, October 14th 2009.