A Question I Was Asked:

'Are "Wiki Answers" Good for Bible Questions?'

My Reply:

If you had a problem with your car, would you go to a garage, or to a dentist? The answer should be obvious. 'Wiki Answers' is not (I repeat: NOT) a Christian Bible question answering service. Despite this, many, amazingly, do address Bible questions to them. In order to illustrate the problem, here is an example of how 'Wiki Answers' recently handled one such question:

Question: "Were the Pharisees happy when Jesus healed on the Sabbath?"

Wiki Answer: ".... a Jew (the author) reading the Gospels is immediately aware of aspects which do not seem authentic; for example, the accounts of Pharisees wanting to kill Jesus because he healed on the Sabbath. The Pharisees never included healing in their list of activities forbidden on the Sabbath; and Jesus's methods of healing did not involve any of the activities that were forbidden. It is unlikely that they would have disapproved, even mildly, of Jesus's Sabbath-healing. Moreover, the picture of bloodthirsty, murderous Pharisees given in the Gospels contradicts everything known about them from Josephus, from their own writings, and from the Judaism, still living today, which they created."

This (so-called) "answer" is actually a quote from 'Jesus and the Jewish Resistance,' an anti-Christian book by Hyam Maccoby.

Who Was Maccoby? Hyam Maccoby (1924-2004) was a British Jewish scholar and dramatist specializing in the study of the Jewish and Christian religious tradition. Influenced in his later years by the NPP movement, Maccoby was an avowed and determined enemy of Christianity and he believed that much of the New Testament was 'doctored' by the early church to suit itself. He blamed the early church and especially the account of Judas in the gospels for centuries of anti-semitism. Though he seems to have believed that Jesus actually lived, he also believed that the early church were guilty of a plot to pervert the words and message of Jesus in order to to attack the Jews and to put the Gentiles in a very favourable light. There is absolutely no solid evidence for any of this, of course. Would anybody in need of finding an answer to a serious Bible question really want to go to such a man?? The answer should be obvious. NEVER go to 'Wiki Answers' - these people are not Christians, neither are they even Bible experts in any shape or form.

Any wanting answers to serious Bible questions can do little better than to come to us here at UK Apologetics. Any questions can be placed here. The response time is within 24 hours and often much quicker than that.
Robin A. Brace, December 23rd, 2008.