A Question I Was Asked:

Does Your Documentary Theory Article Need an Update?

Here is the actual question:
'I note that you wrote your article on the Documentary Hypothesis in 2003. The article is very interesting, but does it need an update after five years?'

My Response:
I have just looked at the article again and there is really nothing which needs updating. The article still stands okay as I wrote it. The theory was a dead duck then and it is a dead duck now. Nobody who is au fait with all of the relevant information on this topic considers the theory to have any real substance now. This is despite the fact that some college and university lecturers still teach it but they should only teach it, tongue in cheek, as an example of a typical 19th century theory about the literary history of ancient Israel which is now considered of dubious merit; an anachronism which is now considered faintly ridiculous. Too much within the original theory has now been blown out of the water for any of us to allow it to detain us a moment longer. The article, by the way, is here.
Robin A. Brace, May, 2008.