A Question I Was Asked:

Should a Christian Strive For Better Things?

The Question:
"My husband and I are Christians, but there is one little difference between us although we don't argue about it. I tend to strive for better things: a better home, more quality items within it and so on. My husband is far more easily satisfied and sometimes he quotes that Scripture at me that we should be content with such as we have. I know what he means and I really am content except that, given the chance, I would want better for us. Is that wrong?"

My Response:
There is a balance here isn't there? Your husband is right about contentment but it is also perfectly fine to want to improve one's quality of life. The test is this: If wanting to improve things leads to envy, frustration or debt then it is clearly a bad thing and the comment of Paul the Apostle about contentment (Philippians 4:11-13), would be applicable. But, having said that, to strive for better and to strive for more quality is, I believe, one of the ways in which we reveal that we are made in the image of God! It can be a divine attribute, but it must be balanced, within what one can afford, and not leading to coveting what is not legally or rightfully available to one.
Robin A. Brace. May, 2008.