A Question I Was Asked:

'Will God Destroy the USA Because Of Her Sins?'

"Let us never forget that future-predictors and fortune-tellers were to be put to death under the laws of Israel - this is how seriously it was viewed!"

The question:

'I have been told that God will destroy the United States because of her sins; I really believe this, but where is the Scripture, or Scriptures?'

My Reply:
Now we need to get a few things sorted out here! Obviously you have been listening to those 'prophecy guros' who dogmatically tell you that the Lord is going to do this or He is going to do that, based upon their own understanding of Scripture. Usually, books like Daniel and Revelation will be used (or, abused), to come up with a more or less complete picture of what the future holds for us and - guess what? - it usually means big trouble for nations like Great Britain and the United States!

However, the whole concept that the apocalyptic books and even the prophecies should be viewed as the very best clairvoyancy, prediction, or prognostication which is available, is very, very deeply flawed.

Let us never forget that future-predictors and fortune-tellers were to be put to death under the laws of Israel - this is how seriously it was viewed! The Lord considered it to be a major offence, yes, a capital offence for any to claim knowledge of the future. Now, of course, there were the prophets, people like Isaiah and Jeremiah, however, these people operated under a direct mandate from the Lord Himself and could only reveal what the Lord willed; mainly they revealed what would happen if the people did not repent. Despite this very strict Old Testament approach towards this subject, we now have an army of these prophecy prognosticators who claim biblical authority for their endeavours. Is it really any surprise when - upon closer inspection - we may note that, all too often, they all disagree among themselves? Shamefully, many of these guys are not even humble enough to say things like, 'This is the way I see this unfolding, but I could be wrong,' Oh no. They say that THIS will happen and THAT will happen and it is all there in the pages of Scripture!! Well, guess what? It is not there at all, moreover these people have no mandate from God to make any such rash claims. I will go further: some of these people will be brought into stern judgment for claiming the Lord's authority to make these prophetic claims.

Just about all of these people who have been 'in business' for more than five years have already been wrong about several of their claims, yet Deuteronomy 18:22 warns that if a claimed prophet's predictions are proven incorrect then that person is a false prophet - it is very simple really, yet modern evangelicals seem to think it's fine for these people to be occasionally wrong. No, it's not fine and this shows they do not operate under a divine mandate - no matter what they may claim.

Nevertheless, We Will Come Into Judgment...

Now having stated all the foregoing, and it was very necessary to state it, the principle that a people or nation who have been blessed by the things of God - but then turned their backs of Him - will eventually come into judgment is a very strong biblical principle. On this totally sound biblical principle, I say that those nations and peoples who have been immersed in the things of the Christian gospel, but then turned their collective backs on God, preferring the ways of sin, will certainly come into judgment. I would put my own nation of Britain right at the top of this list, since we produced these outstanding men like William Tyndale, John Wycliffe, Wesley, Whitefield, Ryle and all the rest and we have been a stalwart Christian people, but the modern British prefer the ways of sin and think the Christian Gospel is just something to be sneered at. This tells me that God (who changes not), will bring the British into severe judgment for turning their backs on Him. To whom much is given, much will be required! The difference is: I refuse to abuse Scripture in order to make my point; yes, certain Scriptures may be applicable, but only in a loose sense, however, this principle, and I would say that it is a spiritual principle operates from Genesis to Revelation. This tells me that 'to whom much is given much will be required' and without national repentance by us British, stormy waters certainly lie ahead for us - of this I have no doubt. Yes, this could all apply to the USA too, but I don't think they have slid back as much as us British at the present moment. The US remains - at least for the present - a strongly Christian nation with a huge church-attending number of people.
Robin A. Brace, September, 2008.