A Question I Was Asked:

"Are You Too Scathing About Darwin and Freud?"

The Question:

'As an old 'university academic' I have been a bit shocked by your utterly scathing comments about Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud. You virtually brand Darwin as being a weak-minded cheat and a plagiarist who took full advantage from a theory which was not entirely his. You also claim that he, Darwin, is the main reason for the warring bloodshed of the twentieth century. You probably say even worse about Freud. You say that "his theories are not, and never were, science of any real kind." I am not opposed to the Christian message but I have just been shocked by your contemptuous attitude to people like Darwin and Freud, but, then again, I could have been around liberal believers for too long. What do you have to say for yourself?'

My Reply:

What do I have to say for myself? Well, just look up all the facts on these two men, then painstakingly go through them without prejudice and you too may well come to accept that no more excuses can be made for these two men and that all of us should refuse to hold them in high esteem any longer. I am certainly prepared to defend my claim that people like Freud, Darwin and Nietzsche are primarily to blame for the continual and bloody wars of the twentieth century. Darwin, especially, inspired people like Stalin, Hitler and Mao Tse Tung to believe that if 'natural selection' is all that there is which governs our world, then why not just go ahead and murder all your enemies (both real and imagined), and if you have to murder many millions of them, well, so be it, after all, God can't be watching if He does not even exist! Freud's part was to claim that psychology and psycho-analysis were a science (which they were not and never have been), which made the concept of putting the troubles of your mind in the hands of a God, or a priest or rabbi, a nonsense which had become redundant. He wanted to replace priest and pastor with the psychologist (especially himself, so he could make a comfortable living out of it). He, and Nietzsche too, claimed that nobody should feel guilt for sin because 'sin' did not even exist; rather, feelings of guilt were a psychological problem which should be treated on the psycho-analyst's couch. He purposely built up a reverence and mystique for psychoanalysis, masking the fact that his various theories only had authority within his own rather strange mind. Freud saw 'sexual repression' in everything because he himself was obsessed by sex. Both Freud and (especially) Nietzsche believed in free sexual expression and conducted their lives in an entirely fitting manner for two men who held such a morally-lawless view. I might say that even numerous modern psychologists (who might not entirely agree with me in all areas), believe that Freud was an utter fraud who should not be taken too seriously.

I stand by my comments.

Robin A. Brace, 2008.

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