You Can No Longer Assume the Basics!

Why People No Longer Respect Christianity

Darwinism May Be Fast Headed For a Fall But Most People Have Been Immersed in It

ARTICLE QUOTE: 'These prosperity gospel charlatans whose eyes often seem turgid with envy and longing to get at what is in your bank account are now a particular disgrace; They are so obvious in their lust for wealth and gain that thousands who might have taken an interest in genuine Christianity are now walking away from it because of their behaviour.'

When we witness to others about our Christian Faith, we can no longer assume any kind of sympathy, or even any loose understanding of what Christianity is all about in many of those who might listen to us.

Unlike the well-meaning guy in this picture, many find that subtle witnessing, rather than 'in your face' witnessing, eventually achieves more.

At one time we could assume that the unconverted who lived in the Christianized West (apologies to my Australian and New Zealander friends, I obviously include you too although you don't really live in the 'West'), had some rough basic knowledge of the Bible. I think this is because so many children had been exposed to Sunday School at the very least, or maybe had experienced Christian service-type morning school assemblies, as I myself did back in the 1950s. But I guess we have all seen those Christian knowledge polls with their depressing results. You know the sort of thing: about 65% of people can't name the four gospels and about 85% can't even name the betrayer of our Lord Jesus (which I seem to have read somewhere or other).

Something recently struck me very powerfully when I was listening to the car radio. Many of you will know that I love music, and often listen to music on the car radio when we are out and about. Well, this musicologist suddenly came on the air. I often seem to hear these people speculating on why some composer wrote this or why he did not write that. This guy is considered a true expert in his field. After a while he got onto opera and started to consider the 'Samson and Delilah' opera; he made some remarks which quite stunned me until I later stopped to consider that many modern people probably hold a similar view. He said something like this,

"Great opera subject this, of course the Samson hair-cutting bit is quite zany. How on earth did these early Israeli freedom fighters come up with such a crazy concept that cutting a man's hair could make him weak? What a strange legend!"

This man was completely unabashed about poking a little fun at the Samson and Delilah story! He held no concept that it is somewhat untasteful to poke fun at the Scriptures, after all, some radio listeners are going to be Christians and probably won't like that. To this man, the things in the Book of Judges, and probably elsewhere in the Bible too, are little more than legends produced by "early Israeli freedom fighters" (as he called them)! He plainly assumed that no truth could be attached to such things, just perhaps stories with a message, nothing more. However, on listening to his comments I felt somewhat offended that this man had dismissed what I know to be divinely-inspired Scripture as a rather amusing and zany "legend."

Within minutes it dawned on me that such comments reveal what is probably a typical modern response. People - I mean your average Mark or Mary - no longer hold the Holy Bible in respect as they once did. Why? The loss of influence of Christianity and the rise of Secularism are to blame. Our societies inherited the whirlwind when they removed Christianity from its place of high central influence and replaced it with Darwinian 'survival of the fittest.' We wonder why so many modern kids are so mixed up, but is it really any surprise? In all our schools children were once taught all the great moral truths of Christianity; that it is wrong to lie, cheat, steal, bully, or not to consider your neighbour in any way. How often do we consider that Darwinian 'survival of the fittest' teaches the exact opposite to those moral lessons? Now the message is that there is no meaning to anything and that human beings are simply the result of many, many chance occurrences over billions of years. In this wholly materialistic and unloving creed, the bully, the prevailer and those who survive and succeed at the expense of others become those we should admire! Tyrants become heroes - of course people like Hitler, Marx and Stalin quickly caught on to this and saw how evolution could be used to justify all manner of abject cruelty. Nietzsche did the philosophical groundwork for them: 'Just become a superman and destroy your enemies' - very simple - why even hesitate? Most modern kids leaving school at 16 or 17 have been fully indoctrinated in this depressing and hopeless new creed of life. Truly Darwinism is a creed of hopelessness, despair, immorality and 'nothingness'!

We now have people like Richard Dawkins, a disciple of hatred if there ever was one, who has actually become a highly-popular writer whose books are snapped up like hot cakes, yet he just continually spews out hatred towards anybody who believes in God, and ridicules and belittles parents who teach their children about God. He wants kids to be taught his brand of aggressive, fundamentalist atheism. The only good thing about Dawkins is that he has started to cause some former atheists to reconsider their philosophy. The response of some of them is something like, 'I just don't want to be associated with the hateful comments and beliefs of this most unpleasant man.' Dawkins had once been a peripheral figure but the enormous popularity of his venomous books of anti-Christian propaganda during the last ten years tells us a whole lot about the way our societies are heading.

If you want to see how Secularism has caused moral havoc right across modern life just look at the statistics!

Okay, I have gone a long way 'around the houses' in saying this but my main point here is that when we evangelize, we can no longer assume even the most basic of Bible knowledge by anybody. If you start talking to people about Jesus, they will quickly move away from you. The best way is to evangelize like Paul the Apostle did; that is, to approach people from where they are standing in the present moment! Tap into people's genuine concerns about modern life: the fear of crime, the fear of losing their jobs, the fear of economic forces which the average Mark or Mary cannot control, the fear of their kids getting into bad company. Then you can gently show people that the true answers to many of these dilemmas can be found in the Bible. I have to say that Jehovah's Witnesses are rather good at this technique while most evangelicals are very poor. We need to improve!! Using this technique is how the JWs at least succeed in getting a hearing most of the time, but we evangelicals - all too often - don't even seem to try.

So does it matter that the musicologist on the car radio thought that the subject matter of 'Samson and Delilah' was just good for a laugh?

It only matters because of the influence of Secularism which has now made Christian teaching something of a joke to many modern people, or - at best - no better or worse than any other religion or philosophy of life. Darwinism may be fast approaching a major fall of credibility because it is truthfully a failed theory, yet most people have been immersed in its conclusions and no longer take Christianity very seriously, nor hold it in deep respect.

We Western Christians must wake up! The day is fast approaching when we are going to suffer great persecution. Don't believe me? Just hold on...

Robin A. Brace, August, 2008.