A Question I Was Asked:

'What is your opinion of the late Derek Prince?'

My Response:

Derek Prince (1915-2003) was an evangelist, I suppose one would call him a 'healing evangelist,' but I believe that he was also involved in "deliverance" ministry.

Born in India of British parentage, Derek was educated at Eton College and Kings College, Cambridge, England. He was an outstanding scholar of both Greek and Latin. This very intellectual background made Derek somewhat unusual for a Christian evangelist.

Derek was very 'open' to the charismatic movement, even if never fully charismatic in his own approach. Maybe, at times, he could have used his own understanding to be more corrective to the plain excesses within some parts of that movement, but it is all too easy to be critical, never having walked in another person's shoes. But, almost certainly, he and I would not have seen eye-to-eye on several theological issues. Having said that, I found that I respected and admired Derek Prince. Yes, I believe that he was a man of faith who was utterly faithful to the understanding which he held.

If we had ever met I think we would have got on really well but we could never have worked together for theological reasons. I am particularly impressed that Derek would occasionally humbly repent when he had made mistakes. On one occasion he did so, I understand, in public.

So for me, Derek was a true man of faith, however, I found his theology somewhat naive at times, sometimes he did not seem to think things through to arrive at a theological consistency in what he taught; I have also heard that this naivety spread to other areas including placing his trust in people who were unworthy of it.

I once listened to Derek talking about some of his incredible life experiences including his education, his life in the British Army, his conversion and his marriage to Lydia. Within that account there were obviously some incredible occurrences which some might question. However, as I listened, it occurred to me that I never doubted a single thing which he recounted, its just that - occasionally - I would have placed a different interpretation on some of the things which he experienced and witnessed than he did, yet his sincerity could never be doubted. It seems to me that Derek viewed any supernatural event as the work of the Holy Spirit, whereas I might question the true origin of certain things which he experienced. If Derek thought it was the Lord's will for him to do something he would just go ahead and do it - even to his own detriment. Who could not respect and admire that?

Robin A. Brace, March, 2008.