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Honestly, This is no Joke - In Fact, It Could Be There Already

"Revelation 11 seems to say that Christianity only receives a world-wide ban just prior to the Second Coming of our Lord (verse 13). So biblical indications seem very strong that the world-wide ban on true Christianity will mean that our Lord's return to this earth is very very close!"

Whilst this ministry has always generally avoided conspiracy theories there seems little doubt to us that moves to form one official world religion are now moving ahead briskly...

Back in 1997, an interesting event occurred in the US. One news report described it thus,

"Nearly 200 delegates wrapped up a week-long interfaith meeting at Stanford on Friday, predicting they had given birth to a movement as well as a spiritual institution: the United Religions. The 'spiritual United Nations', as some have referred to it, would be a world assembly for humanity's myriad spiritual traditions. The international 'summit conference' brought together delegates from every continent to inaugurate formal efforts to figure out the organization's structure and mission and launch a charter-writing process. After several years of talking, the initiative's planners had finally gotten down to business."

" 'You are deputized!', the Rev. William E. Swing, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California, told delegates as they prepared to go home. 'Tell the people that there is a United Religions, and that somewhere in the world, it is beginning to happen: that the religions are going to have an oasis where they can talk about peace.' [This conference was held June 23-27, 1997]. "

But this was certainly not the real beginning. Back in 1993/94 a 'Parliament of World Religions,' had already met in which ecumenically-oriented religious leaders agreed to redouble their efforts to define "authentic" religious belief.

Robert Muller, who has aggressively pushed forward the concepts of one world government and one world church. Amazingly, he believes that one world government and one world religion can be accomplished "within 15 years."

According to the Cephas Ministry,

"In December 1994, dozens of prominent religious leaders joined Paulos Mar Gregorius, former president of the World Council of Churches, on the banks of the river Ganges to compose the "Rishikesh Appeal," a document which urged the spiritual "empowerment" of the UN. According to the Appeal, "The UN should have a 'Spiritual Cell' with highly evolved individuals of all religions and cultures in it." These highly evolved masters would be assisted by "vast armies of spiritual adepts" who would preside over "multi-religious International Academies" in every country of the world."

Whilst UK Apologetics normally strive to avoid alarmist prophetic speculations, and this is certainly not put forward as a "prophetic fulfillment," nevertheless there seems no doubt that the so-called "World Council of Churches" (which, by the way, do not support biblical Christianity and have even provided funds for terrorist groups), has a close alliance with the United Nations in seeking an aggressive pushing forward toward a 'One World Religion' reality.

The interesting thing about the United Nations ('UN' from now on in this article), is that while many may assume their religious neutrality, many of their leading lights are supporters of New Age religious pluralism (religious pluralism: all religions lead to God). Maurice Strong, who has so aggressively pursued environmentalist policies, especially the 'Global Warning theory,' is a good example of this. On Strong, see this.

What we must immediately understand is that the proposed 'one world religion,' will not be supported by true believers of any major religion since the whole concept is to take parts of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism and form one mongrel 'creed.' Such a schema, of course, will only be supported by non-theist liberals whose only intention is to further "world peace." One might well wonder what success any such initiative could possibly have when most all true theists will be left behind, but the answer is that the people who are now aggressively pursuing this agenda are only interested in religion in a politically manipulative sense! Fundamentalists are not required, indeed, several 'world religion' supporters believe that major bloodshed lies ahead as "fundamentalists" react. Pluralist-inclined religious liberals are even now being recruited to work for this cause. These include German liberal Catholic theologian Hans Kung who has often been in trouble with the Vatican for not pursuing official Roman Catholic agendas. Kung has long since been seen as a 'loose cannon' who is always on the lookout for ways to promote 'world spirituality.'

For many years, I rejected any concept that people were working behind the scenes in order to establish 'one world religion,' however, I have recently changed my view; If you look around, pretty compelling evidence is now available.

One of the major works outlining the new 'humanist-religious' approach may be found in 'Towards a Global Ethic, An Initial Declaration,' which was written by Hans Kung, with associate Robert Muller (about whom more later) in 1994. This book has been described as one of the exciting and visible successes of the 'Parliament of the World's Religions' which was held in Chicago in late August of 1993. Signed by 200 "scholars and theologians representing the world's communities of faith," this document represents "a point of beginning for a world sorely in need of ethical consensus." It reaffirms a commitment to non-violence, justice and peace, and supports all persons right "to be authentically human in the spirit of our great religious, and ethical traditions."

This so-called Global Ethic, which is fast being adopted as Inter-faithism's creed, outlines a set of basic core values to which all of the world's religions can agree. Look again at that 'Global Ethic' and note that religion is only considered in terms of people and of their preferences - there is no concept of a God who should be worshipped! People should realise that many who are now pushing forward this loathsome Christ-denying agenda are insisting that compulsory world-wide membership is the ultimate goal. This might take many years (even if it ever succeeds), but the concept is of one eventual world religion, with other religions eventually becoming banned and illegal. Right now this seems so preposterous as to almost make us laugh, however, the evidence is strong that most of the major decisions will be made behind closed doors and your average church-attending Joe and Janet Public will not get a 'look-in' - rather like the way that so many of the decisions leading to a widespread "acceptance" of abortion were taken behind closed doors; sometimes 'democracy' is a charade, please note how the British parliament has been so cynically manipulated by liberal and atheistic pro-abortion MPs in order to get the vote they want! Some of the tactics these people have used have been shameful and dishonest in the extreme. Such cynical manipulation coupled with behind-closed-doors decision-making has caused abortion to appear to have "wide support" in the western democracies when - in actual fact - the great majority of ordinary people loathe it.

Five years ago I knew a man who collected signatures in opposition to UK abortion. In one major British city he spoke to 350 people as he stood on a busy city street corner for several hours - less than 15 of these people supported abortion!! Nothing short of a liberal conspiracy forced abortion on the Christianized West! So please do not tell me that behind-the-scenes liberal conspirators would not be able to establish 'one world religion.' Of course, all the real Christians will be on the outside but that will not deter these people who will play a waiting game until the time is right to make biblical Christianity, and the other religions, illegal. Am I beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist? I suppose I am, and that's not like me, but in this case I really believe it is going to be attempted. For many years, I rejected any concept that people were working behind the scenes in order to establish 'one world religion,' however, I have recently changed my view; If you look around, pretty compelling evidence is now available.

Robert Muller, Former Assistant Secretary General to the UN, has been on a specific and premeditated course to unite the world's religions. In his 1982 book, New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality, Muller did not hide his agenda. Muller is hopeful that his vision of one religion bringing "world peace," will be the next step in human evolution - it's what he calls "Paradise Earth" but this is a humanist, God-denying 'paradise,' with a 'religion' which allows people to tap into the 'spirituality within themselves' - since most of these people do not believe in a literal Satan, they have no idea what a warm invitation they are effectively extending to him! Muller writes,

"Human history so far has been the history of a primitive race," he says. "Only now, with planet-wide knowledge and consciousness, have we entered the real challenge to our species: the good management of our earth. The real history of the world is only beginning." Muller also states,

"Within 15 years we will have a proper government and administration of planet earth and of humanity. Why? Because the current troubles, injustices, wastes and colossal duplications of national expenditures - especially on armaments and the military - will force us to. It is inevitable. The salvation of this planet and survival of the human species depend on it. No one can for long go against evolution. Nation-states must adapt or they will disintegrate, even the biggest ones."

The irony, of course, is that Mr Muller is very likely a very decent person, however, he is one of several who have pushed the one world government and one world religion agenda for many years and it is always a liberal humanist anti-theist agenda - oh yes, religion will be there but only a state-approved one. For such people, it is very simple: they reason that if you can get rid of religious differences there will be world peace. This is really stunningly and amazingly unhistorical and naive; were Genghis Khan, Karl Marx or Adolf Hitler members of any particular religion? No, they were not! They were just seriously misguided, evil and greedy. Moreover they thought that God was not necessary - these liberal plotters think exactly the same thing! And they think that their liberal humanism can lead to world peace??!! Amazing!!

Even now, in autumn 2008, a delegation has been visiting Pope Benedict in Rome urging his acceptance of 'A Common Word' (he is unlikely to accept it at this point). This is the the new initiative to get major world religious leaders to sign up to an agreement pact. This 'Common Word' is already supported by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams (I really am not surprised by that). The full list of signatories (mostly moslem) are quoted on A Common Word's own website here. The 'A Common Word' initiative appears to be clearing the way by showing where certain religions already agree before harder discussions commence later. It may seem like a hard road ahead but even right now, according to some keen religious observers, it is as good as a 'done deal.' These people will, after all, readily accept compromise. It is already known that not all doctrines of every faith will be included; this seeks to be a broad, liberal approach only. Don't forget: this is a cynical political manipulation of religion. Many keen adherents of 'world religion' accept that there will be bloodshed before this whole thing is 'done and dusted'- they believe that fundamentalists of all faiths will cause this but that the final results will be worth it. Much more on the autumn 2008 Catholic/Moslem conference here.

This ministry has always refused to get into 'prophecy particularism,' however, it is worth noting that Revelation 11:3-13 describes a time when Christianity will finally become banned from this earth (verse 7); the 'Two Witnesses' depict Christian witnessing (the first evangelists were sent out 'two by two'). When this happens, people will be joyful (verse 10). People will come to feel that the 'world religion,' is all they need. Authentic Christian witness had made people miserable with its message of repentance, but the imposed 'one world religion' will carry no message of sin nor of repentance. But their joy will be short-lived for Christianity only receives a world-wide ban just prior to the Second Coming of our Lord (verse 13). So biblical indications seem very strong that the world-wide ban on true Christianity will mean that our Lord's return to this earth is very very close!

Yes, 'One World Religion' probably IS on the way to a church near you, but it might not get there for 10-25 years - or even much longer. BUT if you have a local highly-liberal church, it's there already!
Robin A. Brace, November 21st, 2008.


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