A Question I Was Asked:

'We Have Had to Leave our House Church; This is So Sad!'

' My husband and I have loved the house church movement but we have just had to leave our own because discipline has been destroyed and nobody can agree about a new leader. In the end we got to a 'everybody gets a vote' scenario just like in the world and all opinions were tolerated. This is so sad.'

My Response:
Yes this sort of thing is so sad and depressing. House churches are only as strong as their leadership and 'democracy' finally kills them off. I have written about this very subject here.
There are some truly successful house churches out there but all too many now tolerate heretical teachings. I still think that the movement is very promising because it is so closely based on the pattern of the early church, but it all comes down to having a 100% Bible-based and balanced leader and regular praying by all involved to keep out heretical teachings.
Robin A. Brace, April, 2008.