A Question I Was Asked:

Why Has God Allowed 'Hell' to Become so Confused?

The actual question:
'What would be the point of God making something so eternally critical (Hell), so confusing and controversial?'

My Reply:
Well, I think you are assuming a few things in your assertion. For a start, you are blaming God for something which I don't think He should be blamed for. There is indeed widespread confusion about exactly what Hell is and I think that it pleases our adversary to sow confusion on this point wherever he may, nevertheless, in general, people who have been exposed to Christian teaching during their lives certainly do have enough knowledge about Hell to enable them to make the right evaluation and choice. While various groups may indeed not always agree as to what hell may be like, all Christians know enough to realise that it represents, at the least, eternal separation from God. Also, all Christians know what Jesus outlined as the way to Eternal Life (Matthew, chapters 5-7) even if their biblical knowledge remains quite shallow in general.

So (as already stated), all Christians know that Hell is a fearsome thing which has to be avoided; if all Christians from all denominations know just this much (and they do), then they know sufficient for them to make valid spiritual choices in their lives.

Regarding non-Christians, the majority do not even think that this is a valid question or point which needs any serious consideration. Having said that, many millions of non-believers have indeed heard about the teaching of Hell and they become responsible for as much as they understand.

So the thrust of your point (that God has not made the doctrine of Hell clear enough), can, I think, be defeated.
Robin A. Brace, July, 2008.