A Question I Was Asked:

"I Know a Woman who was Truly Healed by the 'Laying on of Hands' - Do You Discount That?"

Here is the Full Question:

'My understanding is that you believe that the healing gifts went with the conclusion of the apostle's ministry. I see where you are coming from, but I know of several true healings including a woman who was healed from a serious illness by the 'laying on of hands.' Do you discount that?'

My Reply:

No, I don't discount it at all. There is obviously some confusion here regarding exactly what I teach on healing, so let me attempt to clarify it.

I certainly believe that a full healing ministry (I am using my words carefully here) was granted by Jesus to the apostles - I really mean a "full" healing ministry: Literally they were granted the power - which, of course, was God's power - to heal just about all who came to them, which is clear from several texts in the New Testament (see Acts 2:43; 5:12,15-16; 14:3; 15:12; 19:11-12; 2 Cor. 12:12; Hebs. 2:3-4). That was granted to the apostles, but we do not see it today in quite that form, which is not to say that some are still not occasionally dramatically healed. If the power to divinely heal were granted today in exactly the same apostolic manner we would see just about everybody divinely healed at "healing meetings" - but what we actually see is probably a few genuinely healed (probably according to the innocency of faith of the individual, if not of the "healing evangelist"), we see many others feeling a little improvement from their infirmities (the techniques of hypnotism, as is well known, can well accomplish such temporary relief or improvement), but we see the majority unhealed even though they were undoubtedly showing great faith by even attending such a meeting. It is no longer any secret that several 'big name' 'healing evangelists' will purposely place people near the front of the meeting hall who are, shall we say, famed for exaggeration and gifted in the use of colourful and ornamental language (I will resist using stronger words), the 'healer' will want such people to be near a microphone. An atmosphere of semi-hysteria, probably with much 'slaying in the Spirit,' will have been orchestrated before the 'healing' session commences. Okay, I must admit that I am very cynical about some of these......er..."divine healers," but there is no doubt that the techniques of mass-hypnotism are often shamefully employed - but should we delude sincere people in this manner?

But true divine healing can still occur and it occasionally certainly does, in fact, I myself have prayed for people on several occasions and seen dramatic healings (including the healing of our own son from meningitis), but it is now - during the post-apostolic church age - according to God's will and our own faithful prayer. I have noted that group prayers are often especially likely to meet with a divine response. So divine healing is not ruled out by anything which I teach, neither can it be when, as I have pointed out, I have personally witnessed it! But nobody can honestly deny that the incredible power which was granted to the apostles is not around today. Some of those who have charismatic healing ministries seem to presumptuously assume that they too have apostolic power when they plainly do not. A little humility coming from some of these men would be nice to witness, but don't hold your breath in waiting for it.

Does God still heal? Certainly, but we will no longer see apostolic 'blanket healing' for the rest of this age, so we rely on individual prayer and we petition God to consider individual cases. Below are links to a few articles which may prove helpful in providing further information - one of the articles includes a step-by-step explanation of the James 5:14-16 'healing text.'

Robin A. Brace, 2008.

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