Mathematics: The Evolution Killer

Most Statisticians Consider 10 Followed by 50 zeros to be a Statistical Impossibility...

Odds of Simple Bacteria Evolving = 1 in 1.0x10100,000,000,000 (this is "evolving" by sheer chance, no outside intelligence and/or input being involved; evolution requires this since it rejects any outside intelligence being involved. Mathematics and statistics clearly and confidently state that THIS COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED!

Theologian Robin Brace says: "Ten years ago I put this very information to a keen evolutionist. He said, 'Leave it with me, I will take a long look at these figures and come back to you with a complete explanation on this statistics/mathematics thing.' Well, I am still waiting..." (Thanks to Rocky Mountain Creationist Ministries for this brief article).

Mathematics and especially the sub-field of statistics, is an area of study that has given the evolutionists trouble over the years. It is a primary focus area where the lie of evolution can be readily exposed. What statistics do is predict with great accuracy the odds that an event will occur. This predictive quality of statistics is called probability statistics or statistical variance. Insurance companies and the stock market as well as others use these methods to gauge or track what could likely or unlikely happen in the future. The methods are accurate enough that these companies often rely on statistics to see how a stock will do in the future. With insurance companies they base whether they will give you insurance based on the odds that you stay alive in the next year. Take a look at the following table to get a flavor of where we are going when looking at statistics from a biblical perspective.

Event Odds event will occur
Coin toss 1 in 2*
good baseball player 1 hit in three tries
being struck by lightning 1 in 6.0x105
winning the lotto 1 in 5.2x106
spelling evolution randomly 1 in 5.4x1012
laying 20 cards out in order 1 in 2.4x1018
generating genesis 1:1 in order 1 in 1.8x1062
odds of a 200 part system forming randomly 1 in 1.0x10375
odds of simplest molecule forming 1 in 1.0x10450
odds of one simple protein forming 1 in 1.0x1024351
odds of DNA forming 1 in 1.0x10167,626
odds of simple bacteria evolving 1 in 1.0x10100,000,000,000

*Because a coin with a heads side is slightly heavier, the heads side of a coin comes up perhaps 3 times in a thousand throws more frequently than the tails side.

As you can see while a good baseball player hits at .333, he stills makes an out two out of three times, so that a hit is not a sure thing. Although getting hit by lightning is not a daily event, we still hear of people being hit each year. We even hear of people winning the lotto a few times each year. The numbers do not cause a real concern until we get to 1050 then we run into our first obstacle to evolution. Most staticians consider 10 followed by 50 zeros to be a statistical impossibility. Some more recent statistical work has indicated that the actual upper limit where a event could never occur would be 10150, which while a much larger number, is still tiny when compared to the odds that DNA could spontaneously form. Then as we move to the final event on our list, the odds that simple bacteria could evolve, we find an impossibly large number for the evolutionists to deal with. As you can see, tremendous levels of complexity create even higher loads on the probability curve. Consider as well that human beings are many, many orders of magnitude more advanced than simple bacteria, and you have a true problem for the evolutionist. The statistics clearly state that evolution not only has not occurred but that it could never occur.

Another area of probability that has been taken into mathematics is the field of biblical prophecy. For instance, the odds that one man would fulfill 48 out of the 300 prophecies describing the coming messiah is 10180. This is a 1 followed by 180 zeros. This is a truly staggering number...


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(This article comes from Rocky Mountain Creationist Ministries and we offer them sincere thanks).

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