A Question I Was Asked:

'Are You Anti-Environmentalist?'

The Question:

'I note that you have made UK Apologetics a strongly 'anti-global warming' website, but what about respect for the environment in general? Are you fully anti-environmentalist?'

My Reply:
Absolutely not! We are all for the environment, but we are fully anti-pseudo-science! That means rejecting evolution as well as the global warming hysteriaism. In fact, the latter is now out of date since the last hot year in the warming phase was 1998. Things evened off, but now the world is getting increasingly cold again; that should be no surprise because these things occur in cycles. In the past the world has been both much hotter, and much colder, than at present. The science is actually rather well established on this. See David Evans' recent consideration of this topic here.

However, we should certainly seek to protect our God-given planet - that is not in any doubt. Tina and I, for example, are scrupulous in separating our plastic and cardboard rather than just dumping it all in the trash. In our area those things are then collected separately and things like cardboard, paper and polythene are re-used. We are also very anti-plastic carrier bag. It is scandalous that much of this stuff is just dumped into landfill sites! We should all do what we can to prevent such pollution.

In a very different area of environmental concern, we also support all moves to prevent rare species of animals from becoming extinct because of people taking over their habitats, especially when there are other areas available. In other cases, and areas, wealthy south American farmers, looking for increased profits, are forcing the Indians off their ancestral lands; such things are disgraceful and should not happen. In all such areas we support the environment.

But to return to the first point, I fully reject all this 'carbon footprint' nonsense. It is bad science - all the true experts tell us that it has been trumped up by vested political interests and that we do not need to worry about carbon (several articles here.)

The other thing is oil. Despite what some are saying, one can be assured that there is currently an absolutely huge world supply of oil. The United States itself has abundant supplies in Alaska, but a political decision has been taken not to touch it at present. Here in Britain, we have been told that our North Sea oil is "running out." That, according to most unbiased, unpolitical experts is sheer bunk! We just need the political will to drill more rigs and to get it out. Trouble is, our western governments are so scared of the pseudo-environmentalists, and we have this western thing that we need to be buying Arab oil wherever possible in order to keep them happy. Right now, the UK desperately needs to be oil-independent rather than relying on certain nations with a history of unpredictability! But, as in so many areas, liberals have decided (very unwisely, in my opinion), that it is better to buy foreign oil. However, we British will probably always need to buy at least some foreign oil.

Worldwide, the feeling is widespread that we need to find alternatives to oil and maybe that is not a bad thing, but 'bio-fuels' are suddenly more or less off the agenda because it has been discovered that turning food products into fuel has increased the world food shortage.

That more or less sums up where we stand.
Robin A. Brace, October, 2008.