A Question I Was Asked:

'Are Abortion Doctors Guilty of Murder?'

According to the laws of modern society, no. However, I would say that - in the sight of God - an abortion doctor who has carried out, say, 1,000 abortions is no less a murderer, or a killer, than those sadistic Nazi death camp doctors who were given free reign to conduct experiments on Jews since it did not matter if they killed them. Interestingly, both groups would appeal to the sanction of the state if challenged. In other words, they would claim that they had full state authority to kill a certain group, or class of people. So both groups would/do behave in a manner which is utterly devoid of conscience.

To kill in warfare is different; one is not killing the helpless: both sides have effectively agreed to go out and start killing where it is thought necessary. The Lord even allowed the Israelites to attack and kill the Canaanites (who frequently indulged in horrible practices, including widespread immorality and even human sacrifice). But God's Word contains many warnings to protect the weak and helpless, so there is a big difference there.

So, yes, in the Great Judgment, abortion doctors (and the nurses who assist them) will stand, I have to say, as conscienceless killers.

But that does not mean that Christians have any right to go out and target them, or to attack any such individuals. Vengeance belongs to our God.
Robin A. Brace, July 2008.