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Will London Olympics Paper Over the Cracks?

Beijing Handover to London for 2012 Olympics Raises Many Questions...

"Modern immoral Britain was a choice made by the often behind-the-scenes 'movers and shakers' who have planned the course of British life and values without any electoral mandate whatsoever. These people wanted to make Britain a fully Secular society and clearly planned the undermining of Christian influence wherever possible..."

By widespread agreement the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games were spectacular, indeed, for most, probably the most amazing and spectacular Olympic Games of all time. Anyone who missed the opening and closing ceremonies missed two spectacles which only occur about once a decade. Beijing has now handed over to London for the next Olympics in four years time.

We have all just enjoyed, probably the most amazing Olympic Games of modern times. China, and Beijing in particular, deserve congratulations for their great success after many had raised questions about this choice of venue.

London will now host the Games in 2012 and, just as UK Apologetics willingly congratulates Beijing, we would wish London every success.

However, just as the Beijing Olympics did not suddenly make China an ideal society and will undoubtedly have helped to 'paper over the cracks' of the troubles of that huge country, London too - when its time comes - will host a spectacular world event which will tend to take people's focus off the horrendous current problems within British society. These are problems which many people would much prefer to 'sweep under the carpet' but they are not going to go away, especially in a society which mostly refuses to acknowledge their existence.

On the very afternoon that the Olympics were wound up in China, BBC News reported the following:

"Notting Hill Carnival, Europe's biggest street party which showcases Caribbean culture, has descended on the streets of west London. More than 750,000 people are expected during the two-day event, which got under way with a children's parade....Police have installed metal detectors on the three-mile route to try to stop the carrying of guns and knives."

It later emerged that a few hundred people were arrested during the carnival, mostly for offences involving drugs, alcohol and violence. Yet London's Metropolitan Police felt that this was about 'average.' Truth is: London has become a very violent society; on this very same day, a youth was stabbed to death in another part of the great city and this follows a plague of youth stabbings which has been affecting London for about a year.

Time was when the world's great cities looked at London with envy: How could such a huge city have such a low level of crime? Tragically, those days are long gone and, in the opinion of many, New York and Chicago are now safer cities than London. This descent into crime mostly developed and gathered pace during the 1960s as liberals firmly took the reins of British government through Harold Wilson's morally-loathsome British Labour Party government. Liberals don't like tackling crime, they don't like tough prison sentences and are vitriolic towards any who might suggest the re-establishment of capital punishment.

Roy Jenkins (1920-2003), who eventually became known as Baron Jenkins of Hillhead, has been called, "a giant of liberal politics," but he is viewed far less favourably by Christian commentators and is regarded as one of the chief architects of a modern, secular Britain which has actively undermined Christianity for several decades.

That was the era of Leo Abse's bill to make homosexuality legal, of Roy Jenkin's moves to make Britain's tough divorce laws more liberal, and of David Steel's bill to legalize abortion. Of course, these bills all became British law in line with the sexually and morally permissive atmosphere of the decade; an atmosphere which has only hardened and settled as liberals have become more and more entrenched in every area of British life. But you can't have things all ways - fact is, liberals will always preside over societies with a high level of crime, we only need to look at the example of the Weimar Republic. It is too often forgotten nowadays that one of the main reasons that Hitler went from being the most disliked politician in Germany to being the most popular within about a year is because of his promise to tackle the horrendous crime levels which the liberal Weimar Republic had presided over! This is just one of several possible historical examples revealing how weak governments which refuse to face up to their problems often lead to the rise of evil despots.

In an agenda which was never made clear to the British people, the "swinging" Wilson 1960s government purposely set out to destroy the last traces of a Christian Britain and to replace a formerly strong Christian influence within Britain with a (so-called) "modern model liberal society." Nobody can seriously doubt that these plotters (Roy Jenkins, Wilson's Chancellor, and later, Home Secretary seems to have played a major role in this), succeeded in their task. Indeed, they seem to have been brilliantly successful! The price? A Britain which has towns which are no longer safe after dark, which has epidemic levels of abortion, divorce, drug-dependency, financial fraud and youth suicide. Moreover, it is a Britain which now seems to respect - not decency, courage, integrity and nobility (as in former times) - but indecency, immodesty, vulgarity and impious brazeness!

If things were not becoming bad enough, Britain has now opened her doors to anybody within the European Community who wants to come here. Amazingly, this was done without criminal checks being carried out on these people! Not surprisingly, many criminals from eastern Europe have poured into the country and people are now being robbed after dark on the streets of London by people who don't even speak English! If you suspect that this is all an exaggerration, just speak to any of the thousands of Britons who now refuse to venture into British city centres after dark because of the fear of crime! Despite this, the British government has been on a 'charm offensive' attempting to persuade people that crime is falling; some more minor crimes, and also burglary, have indeed been falling, but all violent crime is up, car-jackings of expensive, luxury cars is surging ahead, drugs and alcohol-related crimes are spiralling out of control, and financial fraud (often involving identity theft) has become so common that overburdened police are now suggesting that such crimes only need to be reported to one's bank - not to them!! See this report. We at Christian Hawk reported on the British government's cynical manipulation of the true crime figures only 13 months ago here. We were able to quote a Civitas source in support of our argument here.

Whatever decisions we make in this life, there is always a 'price tag' - then, with the benefit of hindsight, one may evaluate whether any particular decision and choice was a sound one; did any good which may have come from that decision outweigh the bad? Well here, in the dramatic down-turn in the quality of British life, is a crystal-clear example of a formerly stable and relatively law-abiding society making some seriously bad choices! That choice was made by the often behind-the-scenes 'movers and shakers' who have planned the course of British life and values without any electoral mandate whatsoever. These people wanted to make Britain a fully Secular society and clearly planned the undermining of Christian influence wherever they could. Unfortunately, Liberal Secularism is like a religion in its own right and thousands still cling to its tenets (pathetically and patently failed though they may be), with a fully religious zeal which is rare indeed.
The Christian Hawk, September 1st, 2008.