UK APOLOGETICS: Early Summer, 2018.


F rom around May 10th - when we first heard of major changes to internet and email security required by EU law, it has been a hectic time here; we would have liked at least 6 months notice and many others are saying exactly the same thing. But - thanks to our Lord - we have made the changes without any major hiccups, oh difficulties certainly, many hours of intensive computer work, but nothing too serious, I might say that I have felt the Lord's help right the way through the process.

We have sadly had to part company with quite a good number on our E Letter list. I sent that 'important announcement' one out in which we asked everybody to respond so as to confirm their intention of remaining on the list. I am so heartened by the great encouragement which so many of you sent, but - as always with these email lists - many, a few hundred actually, never responded; those who did respond, however, were so encouraging; these came from all over the world: France, Germany, Indonesia, The Philippines, Hungary, Australia, of course, plus a large number from the US, Canada and here in the UK. We now end up with a comparatively small group who are really keen and supportive. No point in sending to many hundreds who are no longer interested. Hopefully, at some point, they all learned a few things, but now they have moved on; I have no problem with that, may they be blessed.

So here we are, in the early summer of 2018, and the work goes on. I would be most grateful if you would all pray for the Lord to continue to bless it, including in the choice of materials and subjects to bring to our reader's attention. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE ENCOURAGEMENT!

Robin A. Brace, May 21st, 2018.
UK Apologetics

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Your Brother in Christ,
Robin A. Brace

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