UK APOLOGETICS: Early Winter, 2018.

A Very True Comment Which I Read Recently...

H ere is the comment which comes from a fellow Christian Apologetics site:

"....Swept by the powerful current of epistemic change in our culture, many have desperately clung to alternative theories of truth. Disillusioned with the correspondence theory, our culture largely embraces the pragmatic theory of truth. According to this theory, truth is determined by its ability to produce positive outcomes in someone's life.

Even though talk of postmodernism seems passé, it is still common to hear statements like, 'What is true for you is whatever works for you.' Too often, statements like this have been caricaturized to mean that any belief is morally acceptable as long as you are sincere. Of course some people see truth this way. However, the implications of their view do not materialize until it is pressed to its logical conclusion. To be fair, most people who make these statements do not hold to extreme relativism --the idea that truth's value is relative to each individual's personal belief. These statements reflect the fact that people see similar outcomes in the lives of those having radically different beliefs. For instance, when people observe a Muslim and a Christian being sacrificial, they naturally conclude that both religions are true. This is because both produce good outcomes in the lives of those who believe. This seems closer to what people really mean when they say, "What is true for you is whatever works for you." (From Conrad Hilario, and I recommend you read the entire article which is here: >

How we use words is important and, as a writer on Christian Apologetics, I find that I need to be especially careful. The writer's final comment in that essay is uinteresting. He writes, "As Christian believers we must strive to be Christians who are able to stand on the truth alone. Moreover, it is our obligation to ensure that following generations adopt the same attitude." Yes, in a relativist age, we must continue to defend the truth. The Holy Bible supports truth as an eternal proposition, something of priceless unchanging value. How inappropriate if any Christian believer says something like, "Well, the Bible is true for me but it may not be for you." No, no, no. The revelation within the Bible is so that all men and all women may learn the truth in a world of confusing and competing life views. This is plainly how Jesus and the Apostles saw it and if we choose to differ from their approach into a wishy-washy relativism we are already abandoning the truth.

Robin A. Brace, November 23rd, 2018.
UK Apologetics

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