A Question I Was Asked:

'Where is the "Spirituality" That Will Positively Recognize the Demonic?'

Here is the actual question:

'Where has all the spirituality gone? (todays dealing with the supernatural feels fabricated for greed, ego, or some other purpose). How do I find a mentor or organization that can at least identify real works of the supernatural, if not deal with them? My frame of reference in asking this of you comes from Matthew 8:31 NIV, Mark 5:12 NIV, and Luke 8:32 NIV along with the surrounding text.

I don't expect demons to tremble in my presence, but I would like to "KNOW" when I encounter a demon. I would want to be capable of dealing with the situation when it arrives.'

My Reply:

Yes, I agree with you that this is all a very real problem. We have a lot of false 'spirituality' around which only really seems to care about money and seems pretty much incapable of the 'discernment of spirits.'

Yet, in reading your question, I just wonder if you are not seeing "works of the supernatural" too much as an organisational or institutional thing rather than as a thing which one might encounter almost anywhere?? Christians are told not to be fearful of these things but to recognise them, then avoid them.

Regarding your specific scriptural references, all of this occurred for people to recognise who Jesus was, and to notify all of His power over demons and over evil - you should not be looking for such things to be regular occurrences in our day. Are people still demon-possessed? Unquestionably, but I think probably only rarely, and especially if they have been involved in the occult. Yes, these people can be helped but it is a slow process, yet I know of one such man who finally became a Christian pastor, so it is not hopeless.

Regarding your final comment, again, I feel you are being a little overly fearful here; just avoid the presence of evil and of evil influences, I would say; no need to be seeing a 'demon in every ditch.'

Robin A. Brace, 2008.