Amazing Evidence and Facts about 'Pre-Biotic Research'

How Genuine is Pre-Biotic Research?

Are 'Publishable' Test Results Pursued at the Expense of Truth?

How Evolutionary Research Scientists Manipulate 'Test Results' to Attain 'Published' Status...

In the Origin of Life II (a video presentation), Dr Charles B. Thaxton, now very much a Creationist, offers some amazing anecdotal remarks about the world of those scientists involved in pre-biotic research. But first of all, let us learn a little more about this man.

Charles B. Thaxton, Ph.D., is a chemist and Fellow of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture. His field of work is origin of life research and the impact of Christianity on the history of science.

He completed his doctorate in physical chemistry from Iowa State University. He went on to complete post-doctorate programs in the history of science at Harvard University and the molecular biology laboratories of Brandeis University.

Dr. Thaxton has also co-authored several books, including The Mystery of Life's Origin and The Soul of Science. He is Academic Editor of Of Pandas and People and has published academic work in the Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Journal of Scientific Instruments, and Journal of Cell Biology.

Lionel Trill and David Berlinski

Back in 1950, American drama critic Lionel Trilling wrote that "All prose fiction is a variation on the theme of Don Quixote."
In our day, agnostic Jew and fiery critic of evolution David Berlinski has picked this up in a somewhat amusing fashion. He has asked,
"Given time, could 'Don Quixote' ever evolve into 'War and Peace'?"
Berlinski has imagined numerous scribes copying Don Quixote over countless ages with copyist's errors naturally creeping into the text. But - given great ages - could one ever imagine 'Don Quixote' evolving into Tolstoy's 'War and Peace'? If we find this crazy and preposterous (and we clearly should do so), David Berlinski has said, "A shiver should go up our backs if we support evolution!" (Source: The Incorrigible Dr Berlinski:

Dr Berlinski's point is that - however incredible - this would be a small thing compared to Man having evolved from primeval slime through millions of chance and random forces over even countless ages!

Now the area of 'pre-biotic research' is all about the attempt to emulate, in laboratory conditions, those conditions which may have been present on the earth before any life existed. Researchers consider this to be a period of approximately 5 billion years ago. Certain chemicals and gases, such as nitrogen, are introduced in an attempt to develop meaningful amino acids which may, in turn, lead to proteins. The whole enterprise - the public are generally informed - is an utterly sincere and fully consistent attempt by honest and zealous research scientists to produce primitive life just as primitive life first started on this earth billions of years ago. However, the truth is a little different.

Once involved in such research areas himself, Dr Thaxton makes it plain that researchers know that things have to be manipulated a little in order to get results worthy of publishing and that the intervention of 'inspectors' (who will analyse things at various points) is essential. If this did not happen, such researchers would have to admit that their research had yielded completely negative results - something which would hardly be a 'feather in the cap' to any young aspiring research scientist! However, in using such manipulation of chemicals (including the introduction of chemicals which could not reasonably be expected to have been present on any such 'pre-biotic earth'), plus the intervention of 'inspectors,' such researchers actually play the creative role of God in guiding, selecting and directing the attempts to produce primitive life through the application of human intelligence. And yet the declared reason for such experimentation is to imitate processes of random selection completely devoid of any input of intelligence. Dr Thaxton freely admits how disingenuous and completely foolish such enterprises are and also seems to infer that the practise of a cynical chemical manipulation (in order to produce results worthy of publishing) is far from uncommon among such scientists.

At present (August 2007), you can watch this hour long video for yourself completely free of charge. Last time I checked it was ninth video down from the top here: - but one has no idea how long it will remain freely available on that page. There are many other outstanding videos on that page.
Robin A. Brace, 2007.