A Question I Was Asked:

'Do You Do Interviews or Take Part in Public Debates?'

My Reply:

I am glad that this question has come up again because it gives me the chance to address the question and then make my response available to all who ask me similar and associated questions in the future. So I will answer by breaking this down into about four or five questions which I often seem to get get asked.

1. Do you take part in public debates on issues such as evolution, or the materialism which is being taught in all of our schools?

No. I simply make my writings available for use and can recommend other resources too but I don't take part in debates; perhaps I would do so if I were younger. Fact is, I am an angina sufferer and also quite an emotional person. I don't think that I suffer fools gladly. Sometimes if a person is using idiotic reasoning it is just too much of a temptation for me and I am liable to frankly tell them that! That is frankness maybe but it does not make me ideal for public debating. The people most suitable for public debating are very cool under pressure but sometimes I get a little heated; I think I am better suited to writing.

2. Are you prepared to travel in order to preach in Africa or India?

I am constantly getting preaching invitations for India, Pakistan, as well as parts of Africa. I'm afraid that I turn them all down. This ministry is an internet-only ministry and is run on a tiny budget. I am simply not able to leap on to a plane in order to preach overseas. Second reason is, I suffer from certain health problems which, I understand, would be exacerbated by a sudden exposure to tropical heat. These problems include angina and a tendency towards high blood pressure.

3. Do you preach in the UK?

I am certainly prepared to, especially if little travel is required. During the period of 1996-2003 I preached quite extensively but my mild heart attack in February 2002 caused me to re-think the way I was operating. Too often I seemed to be filling in for other people rather than preaching because people really wanted to hear me. I now rarely preach but would not rule anything out. I certainly would want good advance notice. I hate last-minute preaching invitations. My overall feeling is that this is a writing and internet-based ministry and this is quite sufficient to keep me busy; I am no longer a young man, so I feel no obligation to also go out and preach.

4. Do you do interviews?

Funnily enough, I did an interview just recently (July, 2007). Students from the National Junior College of Singapore interviewed me on the subject of evolution. The interview is here. I found that a positive joy! It was really great to communicate with these young people and it seems as though there is more room for freedom of thought in that country on this topic, whereas over here in the West students are just taught to accept Darwinism - no intellectual freedom at all. Of course, the entire interview took place by e mail contact; I never met any of the young students although I did learn several of their names. I am totally open to doing more such e mail interviews. Apart from that, I would consider any such interview request on its own merits.

5. What about a lecture series in the UK?

Yes, I might well be prepared to do that. I can envisage a series of lectures on the doctrines of the Christian Faith, which I think would be interesting and enjoyable. I guess it is 'supply and demand' - I am not likely to put anything together unless somebody actually asks me to do it. Also, I could put together a lecture on such things as 'What is Christian Apologetics?' or such like. I think such a lecture or lectures would do well on a mid-week evening in the meeting places of large congregations. But if it never happens I am quite happy simply writing. Problem is, I am only one man and I would be afraid that this vital internet ministry could be adversely affected if I branched out in that way.

Robin A. Brace, 2007.