A Question I Was Asked:

How Could Stephen and John Have Seen God if 'No Man Has Seen God At Any Time'?

This question was actually extremely long, in fact, it was several questions, but this is the essence of it:

"In the light of Stephen's vision (Acts 7:55-56), John 1:18 clearly says that 'No man has seen God at any time,' therefore, Stephen could not have actually seen God. Is it possible that what Stephen saw was Jesus in all the power and Glory of God the Father? And in the book of Revelation, John sees a throne set in Heaven, and One sat on the throne (Rev. 4:2). Again, if no man hath seen God at any time...?"

My Reply:

No man has ever seen God in the real form which He takes, in fact the Scripture states that - should that be possible - then such a man or woman would certainly die. See Exodus 33:20. Yet God is able to manifest Himself on a level tolerable for people to witness, even revealing some of His glory to people and the Scripture records this happening on several occasions. When that happens God does not fully reveal His entire glory and splendour since the very sight of that would take the life from people, rather, He accomodates Himself to people, showing sufficient for people to see. So it is certainly true that no human being can possibly see God as He actually is - in total dazzling splendour! - yet the Scriptures bear witness that He has been seen. See Exodus 24:11; Acts 7:55-56; Revelation 1:12-18; Revelation 4:1-11.

Robin A. Brace, 2007.