How Multi-Culturalism and Moral Relativism Have Opened a Door to Religious Terrorism

Liberal Policies Continue to Undermine and Even Threaten to Destroy British Society

People have recently been appalled at how several acts of attempted terrorism have been perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists operating in the UK. It seems as though it is only by sheer chance that these acts have not succeeded as planned (as earlier terrorist acts have done). The re-formed Labour government under new Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been making all the usual reassuring sounds about its determination to root out people who would indiscriminately plant bombs, and attempt to drive petrol-laden vehicles into airport passenger terminals, but - fact is - some of the real causes of the problem are those very liberal policies which have been given every possible assistance by the British Labour Party. One can quickly highlight two such axiomatic teachings of liberalism which are especially responsible: Cultural Pluralism and Moral Relativity.

Cultural Pluralism teaches that no particular culture is better than any other. Of course, 'culture' includes religion. People like Whitefield and John Wesley would turn in their graves if they knew the haste in which late 20th century/early 21st century liberal influences and forces have encouraged nations like Britain to abandon its Christian heritage! When British leaders and liberal "thinkers" chose to reject Christianity as Britain's official religion, little did they know the hornet's nest they would then open. As G.K. Chesterton once said,

'If people stop believing in God (he meant the Christian God), the problem is not that they will then believe in nothing, but that they will start believing in all kinds of strange and crazy things.'

Liberalism is truly one such 'strange and crazy thing.' When British 'movers and shakers' and 'opinion molders' of its (so-called) intelligentsia decided that the UK should become a multi-cultural society which would welcome people of all religions without any religious discrimination, they were effectively rejecting the superior truth claims of Christianity which had not been doubted within British society for several hundred years. Of course, this does not mean that all Britons were Christians, but that the superior truth claims of Christianity above all other religions and creeds actually amounted to the official governmental approach; hence the Church of England was the officially-sanctioned state religion (whether it is even wise for Christianity to be a 'state religion' is another question which we will not go into here). This does not mean that people of other religions were unwelcome in Britain but that the British nation reserved the right to advance Christianity alone. It would have been unthinkable for the Victorians to allow Buddhist or Hindu temples, or Islamic mosques to be constructed anywhere in Great Britain; I purposely use the term Great Britain here because Victorian British society, so unfairly (and often lyingly) attacked by modern liberals, was a truly great society.

It is an interesting thing that - somewhere along the line - Britain stopped being an officially Christian country; this was apparently decided behind closed doors with no mandate ever being sought from the British people. Today, if you asked a UK government minister whether Britain is still officially a Christian country, you would get a lot of dodging and hedging the question and you would certainly here this: 'Britain is a multi-cultural society.'

In contrast to this, according to polls conducted within the last two years, up to 68% of Britons still identify with Christianity, at least at some level or another, with support for all other religions at less than 7%. So decisions made by liberal politicians behind closed doors (undoubtedly with the weak acquiescence of the watery-weak Church of England) have taken Britain away from its spiritual heritage without the agreement or support of the British people themselves.

Multi-Culturalism which represents official British rejection of Christianity was always going to be like the proverbial pandora's box which, once opened, would be almost impossible to close! 'Multi-cultural' Britain has now filled itself with millions of adherents of other religions from other nations. We have also freely allowed them to build their temples and meeting places and often even handed them government grants (unconditional financial handouts) to help them to do so. But whereas millions of Asian Indians and West Indians have been prepared to identify themselves with British national values of political and religious freedom, millions of moslems, especially from Pakistan, apparently feel little gratitude to a nation which has welcomed then and even, in many cases, granted them official citizenship. It is widely known, for example, that many "British" moslems have left our shores during the last three years in order to actually fight against British soldiers in Iraq and Aghanistan, then return again!

But the root cause of these problems is the British government-level loss of confidence in Christianity and its determination to replace it with something else. It is one thing never to have known or understood God or the revelation of Jesus Christ; but to have known it and to have officially sanctioned it for many generations, then turned away from it, would appear to spell major future problems for British society. For we all make or break ourselves by our response to divine revelation.

But Moral Relativism (a most beloved doctrine of Liberalism), must stand with multi-culturalism as another reason that Britain is now faced by terrorism within its own borders; for Moral Relativism states that there are no ultimate truths, but that all values are relative. So abortion might be bad for you, but great for another woman - and your values are no more important than hers! Also, adultery is no longer always wrong, but can be very good for some people in some cases. This also necessarily affects whether it is right or wrong to kill in any particular circumstance.
Most religious terrorists don't believe in Moral Relativism but they love it when they find it within the values of any society in which they wish to bomb innocent people, for they know it will assist them. Neither, for that matter, do they believe in Multi-Culturalism; they only accept their own culture and their own religion, but they love to find it within societies in which they seek to cause mayhem for it plays right into their hands - for terrorists can only interpret some of these things as weakness and indecisiveness.

So how true it is that when Britain rejected its heritage of being 'a Christian country' (which had reserved the right to only support Christian evangelism among all possible religious endeavours and preferences), in favour of becoming a 'multi-cultural society' a most dangerous pandora's box was opened. The final outcome is almost too scary to contemplate...
The Christian Hawk, July 4th, 2007.