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Freed From Satan's Grasp

A Review of Freed From Satan's Grasp, by Vince McCann. 174 pages, published by Kingsway Publications, Eastbourne, England, 2007.

This is a very readable book and, being a book of fewer than 200 pages, can easily be read through in one session. In fact, that is not at all difficult since, once opened, this book is actually quite hard to put down. Vince's book adds to the growing amount of literature now available which provides a stern warning that to stray into the occult is a most dangerous practise. The warning needs to be regularly given because there are indications that the young and impressionable are even more at danger from these influences than in the 1980s in which much of the narrative of this book is set.

The author takes us on a journey through his experiences as a somewhat bored and lonely teenager growing up in Birkenhead, England who discovers within himself a certain fascination with the supernatural. Without doubt, this in itself would not be rare but - alas - in the writer's case, the fascination leads him into spiritually highly dangerous areas, especially when he meets 'Jane' a young woman who would lead him even deeper into occultic involvement, for Jane is possessed with several demons. Books such as this one clearly demonstrate that the New Testament acceptance of the reality of demons is factual teaching - not any sort of play on words, or just a colourful description of a 'disordered mind.' These things are very real and the danger is increased in a society which scoffs at any talk of a 'supernatural world,' preferring to see the whole concept as - at best - purely 'poetic,' if not purely imaginary.

Vince eventually conquers these evil influences through Christ, but the road is harrowing with many disturbing episodes along the way. It's good that the author makes it clear that even after committing to Christ, all of his problems are not immediately solved and that several years travel along a rocky road still lie ahead, for some similar books sometimes give the impression that everything becomes simple after one becomes a Christian; those of us who have tried to help people from this background know that that is not so.

I am really pleased that - despite his horrific experiences - the author remains determined to be balanced in his approach. Here at UK Apologetics, the unbiblical and extremist activities of certain "deliverance ministries" has been brought to our attention, pleasing then that the author of this book is also very aware of the danger of 'seeing a demon in every ditch' and of slipping into an unbiblical over-fascination with the demonic. Regarding Spotlight Ministries, Mr McCann's Christian ministry which seeks to reach out to those who have been seriously affected by occultic involvement, he writes,

"It is a hazardous ministry and not all are called to do it. There are some organizations and individuals who profess to work in this sphere of deliverance, who are questionable and unbalanced in their approach. Deliverance ministry can be a realm where some people get into all kinds of extremes and see demons in in almost every person and situation. Great damage can be caused by some of these ministries..." (page 132)

This warning is vital for all and possibly almost as vital as the warning to steer clear of the occult and occultic practises in the first place.

The warnings within this book and the sometimes disturbing events which are well depicted should be taken very seriously by all. Vince McCann has done us all a good service by his stark profiling of the dangers of involvement in the occult, such warnings always being especially vivid and pertinent when they come from one who has actually trodden such a perilous path.

Robin A. Brace, 2007.

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