A Question I Was Asked:

'A Priest Told a Lady I Know That God Never Tells Us Why There Is Suffering...But Surely He Does Tell Us. How About This?'

The Question:

'I know a lady whose very good husband was murdered only two years after she lost her mother under sad circumstances. Her priest told here, "God never tells us why there is suffering in this world and it is not for me to try to explain. All I can tell you is that Jesus stands with all who are suffering and all who are victims because it also happened to Him." That seems all very nice, but surely the Bible does tell us WHY there is suffering in this present world. In fact, I even heard this explained when I was a child at Sunday School. How about this?'

My Reply:

That priest's response is the typical modern response from ministers who have been affected by liberal theology. I believe that they get some of this teaching when they do 'pastoral care' courses as part of their ministerial studies. They are warned that they should listen and not preach when dealing with bereaved people. Now, there might be an element of truth in that, and there is certainly a time to simply listen to bereaved people who just need to talk, rather than preach. But I fear that this modern tendency now goes further than that.

The problem for modern liberal ministers who are only interested in a modern politically-correct "gospel" which fits in with modern society and with modern liberal reasoning is that - in many cases - these people don't even believe in the Garden of Eden account and they uphold evolution. But we can only explain why this world is in a mess and why there is hatred, murder and suffering by going back to the events in the Garden of Eden. Since liberal ministers refuse to treat Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden as factual accounts they cannot explain why there is suffering in this world.

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