A Question I Was Asked:

'Who, what and where are the modern Babylonian societies which Christians should separate themselves from?'

Here is the actual question:

'Who, what and where are the modern Babylonian societies that Christians should separate from? For example, is the Roman Catholic Church part of modern Babylon? What societies specifically constitute Babylon? What specific moral sins constitute modern Babylon?

In this connection, is it acceptable for a Christian or Minister to drink alcoholic beverages? Is drinking alcohol - even in moderation - modern Babylon practice?'

My Reply:

There is no 'rulebook' on this which one may simply look up. As Spirit-led Christians you and I must arrive at our own judgment - Don't forget Jesus did not replace the Ten Commandments with another book of 'do's and don't's' - today the Christian conscience must be our guide. If indeed, we are being led by God's Holy Spirit, we should be able to use spiritual discernment in order to evaluate these matters.

First of all, with regard to alcohol, no, it is the misuse of alcohol which is bad, alcoholic drinks were actually given to mankind as blessings! Christians, for example, are instructed to take alcoholic wine during communion but today - in many cases - a dreadful syrupy liquid is substituted for this and called "communion wine" - why can't we just obey the instruction? On one occasion a minister I was working with had forgotten about the wine for communion. He asked me to buy some 'ribena'!! ('ribena' is a thick, syrupy blackcurrant juice). I did not buy it but purchased some pure red grape juice which we used. See my article on wine here.

Regarding 'Babylon' in general, the meaning is confusion, both moral and religious. If you look at modern society, you see things like the widespread acceptance of abortion, drug-taking, pre-marriage pregnancies, deviant sexual behaviour which are surely displeasing to God. Even modern liberalism - all on its own - is, by its nature, very anti-God. People are taught moral relativism (that is: your idea of what constitutes 'right' and 'wrong' is no better or worse than mine), whereas the Bible makes it plain that there are indeed moral absolutes and if we break them they will break us! The dreadful mess which modern liberal societies have gotten themselves into only confirms this.

With regard to the religious aspect of this, religious confusion is now absolutely everywhere and even evangelicalism is now heavily infiltrated with false and heretical doctrines. It is a mistake to simply confine this to the Roman Catholic Church. The entrance of mass babylonian confusion into Christian worship is probably the major reason why the 'unchurched Christian movement' seems to gather pace every year. These are Christians who no longer feel right about attending any organised place of worship at all; in many cases, such people have been 'burnt' too many times, and now worship quietly at home within their own families.

There is much on my website about all of this.

Robin A. Brace, 2007.