A Mass Killer is Loose in the City

Please consider the following...

September, 2007.

46 million abortions occur worldwide each year (source: The Guttmacher Report on Public Policy May 2003, Volume 6, Number 2). Abortion has been legal in the United States for 30 years, and in the UK for 40 years. There are currently 1.3 million abortions performed each year in the United States alone (source: Finer LB and Henshaw SK, Estimates of U.S. Abortion Incidence in 2001 and 2002, Alan Guttmacher Institute, 2005).
In Europe there are generally fewer abortions than in the US, Ireland continues its complete ban on abortion and several other Roman Catholic countries discourage it. In England and Wales in 2006 the total number of abortions was 193,700, compared with 186,400 in 2005, a rise of 3.9% - the age-standardised abortion rate was 18.3 per 1,000 resident women aged 15-44, compared with 17.8 in 2005 (source: Department of Health. http://www.dh.gov.uk/).

Now just consider the comparison of the following figures and statistics:

It is known that in World War I, 8,500,000 people died. if we round that up to 9 million, then FIVE TIMES AS MANY TINY BABIES IN THE WOMB ARE SLAUGHTERED BY ABORTIONISTS EVERY SINGLE YEAR AS THE TOTAL HUMAN CARNAGE OF 1914-1918.

In World War II, it has been estimated that over 37,000,000 people died, the most ever killed in any war. Yet that number is about 9 million short of the number of worldwide aborted babies every single year. But if we add both major world wars together we do indeed get a figure of around 46 million; again, this is the current worldwide estimate for abortions every single year. But these little babies never went to war and certainly never declared war on anybody. They were - and are - the victims of MASS MURDER on a scale which would have shocked the very worst of the pagan societies of the ancient world.

Modern 'liberal' society, which claims to be so concerned about 'human rights,' is patently a truly evil and murderous society. In the face of opposition from every religion and from every single individual of conscience, it continues to relentlessly push ahead in its pursuance of the bloody destruction of its most helpless and vulnerable would-be citizens.

We maintain that abortion is nothing short of officially-sanctioned murder, and that those who carry out such abortions will stand condemned of murder in the higher court of heaven. However, as Christians, we DO NOT support attacks on abortionists or on abortion 'clincs' - ultimately, vengeance and punishment belong to God alone.
UK Apologetics, September, 2007.

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