A growing number of people appear to be coming to Jesus who seem unable to cope with the fact that Jesus is nothing like a modern liberal!

A Spirit of Appeasement Is Pivotal To Liberalism Even While Being Anathema To God...

ARTICLE QUOTE: "...Numerous influences (mostly anti-Christian), such as those of John Locke, David Hume, the 19th century Romantic Movement, the Frankfurt School, Nietzche, Darwin, Freud, Marx and others, have effectively brainwashed millions of people. It is as though these influences have gradually accumulated, combined and then psychologically infiltrated modern society, forming a new religious adherence to replace Christianity. Yet much of the transference of influence seems to have taken place at an almost subliminal level (indiscernible to the conscious mind, but deeply effective to the unconscious, or, deeper mind)."

I have noticed that some modern Christians don't seem able to cope with much of what the Bible reveals about the true nature and character of God. A few such people virtually reject the Old Testament because of its perceived 'harshness.' For my part, while certainly teaching that revelation is progressive and that Christians now stand under the New Covenant (not the Old), I try to help these people see that it takes the Old Testament revelation to fully understand the character of God, and to help us comprehend why Christ's sacrifice was necessary.

Some of these people are very much the products of this modern western society with its liberal biases. They want a Jesus who, if He were around today, would be a good democrat, probably would think that Bill Clinton was a really good guy and would immediately ban all warfare. Even more, the 'Jesus' these people would wish to serve, would be keen on "'environmental issues" and would uphold "a woman's right to choose."

I am not against these people - I want to help them and often counsel with people of this sort, but they are sometimes extremely frustrating. It sometimes seems to be very hard for such people to learn that the God of the Bible is NOTHING - I REPEAT: NOTHING - like the sort of 'god' who might enjoy attending a U.S. Democratic Party convention, a UK Labour Party rally, or a 'Friends of the Earth' environmental group conference. Sometimes such people, unquestionably often sincere, just cannot see how much they are the products of this modern liberal society. They often truly seem to want 'Jesus,' but only a Jesus who exists in their own image. This makes one realise how numerous influences (mostly anti-Christian), such as those of John Locke, David Hume, the 19th century Romantic Movement, the Frankfurt School, Nietzche, Darwin, Freud, Marx and others, have effectively brainwashed millions of people. It is as though these influences have gradually accumulated, combined and then psychologically infiltrated modern society, forming a new religious adherence to replace Christianity. Yet much of the transference of influence seems to have taken place at an almost subliminal level (indiscernible to the conscious mind, but deeply effective to the unconscious, or, deeper mind).

Never let anybody tell you that "ordinary people" are pretty much just like 'ordinary people' have always been and that philosophy is only really learned at the universities! Don't you believe it! No. Modern western society is steeped in the afore-mentioned influences. Such influences come through via the schools, colleges, the press, television and radio commentators, entertainment personalities, Hollywood and in many other ways - nobody can avoid it! Moreover, the influences continue to gradually spread into every corner of society. When I did voluntary work back in the 1980s I found that about 90% of my fellow volunteers were fellow believers, but around 2001, when I looked to getting back into voluntary work, I was in for a shock. I circulated for a while, went through a few interviews and found that Christians had now entirely vanished from the voluntary work scene, a scene which now seemed to be entirely inhabited by politically correct liberals! For example, I considered joining the UK Citizen's Advice Bureau; this would have presented no problems for a Christian back in the 1980s. But now, when it became known that I was a Christian preacher, I was immediately challenged as to how I would handle the hypothetical situtation of two 'gays' coming to me and asking for advice on adopting children. I said that somebody else would have to handle that particular circumstance since - as a Christian - I frankly believe that homosexual men should not be allowed to adopt children! Astonishingly, I was then rejected - although a very liberal-minded lady of about 35 years of age patronisingly suggested that the Citizen's Advice Bureau would still love to have me and that I would be ideal, but only, "If you re-thought your approach to modern standards." Incredible!! This lady really seemed to believe that I might just be ready to go away and consider re-shaping my religion in order to take up a voluntary (unpaid) job. Also amazing that this generally pleasant lady said, of her own approach to life, "Well, for my part, I just don't understand religion." Amazing, because she was fairly steeped in influences which were distinctly religious in nature even though not allowing for a personal God. Religion is a habitual thing which seeks to copy and conform with the behaviour of other adherents. Without question, Liberalism is the new western religion.

If liberal people of this sort start attending a Bible study group it would be like learning a new language for them (an especially difficult new language at that), unless, that is, the Bible study group wholeheatedly supported liberal theology (Jesus was a good moral teacher, the Bible is not divinely inspired, Christianity is all about feeling good about oneself and about being kind to people and substitutionary atonement was just a teaching device for an unsophisticated earlier century).

When people of this sort of background discover the Old Testament and find God apparently condoning the military conquest (and even recommended total destruction!) of the Canaanites they are stunned. This is crude judgmentalism and unwarranted condemnation in their eyes because their whole philosophical approach to life is utterly saturated with permissive liberalism. They simply hold no concept of ultimate justice, guilt, judgment and condemnation for evil. Why? Because modern attitudes have taught them that we should not condemn or judge the moral standards of others - that is for those people alone to decide! The problem, of course, is Moral Relativism. The Holy Bible does not teach Moral Relativism, that is, the Holy Bible does not teach that there are no absolute moral standards which can be applied to all people everywhere; the Bible says, in fact, that such absolute standards truly exist, moreover, we should not be afraid to apply them. Liberals, on the other hand, prefer to support appeasement. Appeasement is an interesting thing. My Cambridge English Dictionary defines 'to appease' as 'to pacify' or 'to tranquilise.' Appeasers have no interest in moral matters and they have no interest in facing up to ultimate questions. They say: 'live and let live, as long as we have peace.' But, there again, they don't understand 'peace.' Yes, they want 'peace at all costs' but do not seem to understand that certain principles are worth fighting for. They say, 'We don't need to judge the other man's morals, the main thing is to be at peace with him.' Liberals would want God to appease Satan and sin, but their flawed version of "peace" is the peace of an inevitably temporary compromise - not total and universal peace. God and God alone holds the key to total and universal peace. Such peace is not even available to this world at present because of that very spirit of compromise and appeasement toward evil. Liberals show support for appeasement by wishing to tranquilise us all to ultimate issues of right and wrong, good and evil, responsibilty, honour, guilt and culpability.

Liberals would want God to reconsider what sin is and - meanwhile - to stop even using that little word "sin" which they see as divisive and judgmental. They would settle for a world in which comfort, ease and security could be enjoyed by a majority of people. But they would only take into account the present world and this present life and this myopic understanding of what "life" really is, is the fundamental reason that they would find no place for concerns about eternal justice, judgment and restoration.
In complete contrast to the narrow spectrum of 'life' understood by liberals, Jesus said, 'I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.' Eternal Life means no dodging of responsibility and hiding behind bushes from the face of God; Moral integrity and uprightness become of paramount importance.

The name 'Chamberlain' has become an unfortunate by-word for appeasement because of Chamberlain's unwise attempt to appease a Hitler who was already causing havoc right across Europe.

Liberal appeasers operate according to a 'don't rock the boat' and 'leave the other guy to do things his own way' mentality. Ultimate questions of right and wrong and good and evil are not considered too important as long as we can dwell in 'peace' in our own back garden! With such a narrow view of life which only dwells on personal comfort for the present, it can be no surprise that Liberalism has encouraged responsibility-dodging on an unprecedented scale! The seepage of this temporary, narrow and self-concerned philosophy into virtually every corner of European, American and Australasian life is why millions of married women have returned to the work place (abandoning the role of 'homemakers'), while quality family life has gone down through the chute! It is why these parts of the world experience countless thousands of abortions every year. People are encouraged not to be too concerned about abortion - just a convenience 'lever' to pull in order to get back to one's preferred self-centred and 'personal success' lifestyle as quickly as possible. Truth is: these things are the fruits of unbridled liberalism coupled with the abandonment of Judean/Christian values.

Yet modern Liberalism trumpets itself as having led to a "more compassionate and caring society." While you and I may know that this is pure contradiction and deception, many thousands do appear to accept this. But to be prepared to ignore your neighbour's evil as long as it does not get too close to you, because your neighbour is living according to his own "moral choices" in a "free society" is actually not only monumentally stupid, but it is cowardly and evil. Where would Britain and the United States be today if Liberalism had held our peoples in the grip which it now does, back in the 1930s and 1940s ? As it was, both nations did contain some voices who wanted to appease Hitler, Mussolini and the Japanese, but thankfully sanity prevailed!

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain has become a name always assocated with appeasement because he represented the opinion that war with Germany could be avoided by being nice to Hitler. We have probably all seen those old newsreel pictures of Chamberlain returning from his visit to Hitler, stepping off an airplane and waving a pathetic looking piece of paper whilst telling waiting British newsmen that he had secured a deal which would mean "peace in our time." He might have been a nice man but Chamberlain was an appeaser (and a particularly foolish one at that). Thankfully, one Winston Churchill was waiting in the wings ready and prepared to direct the British through a war which - by that stage - was inevitable.

I fear that, as more and more "evangelical" pastors and preachers become involved in the current numbers game to get 'converts,' less and less true commitment to Jesus, and less and less true biblical knowledge and understanding are going to be the result. Already one has heard of former evangelical places of worship telling new disciples that acceptance of substitutionary atonement is not necessary for them. I would seriously question how much understanding one can truly have of the Gospel if one is prepared to jettison the vital knowledge of the necessity and validity of Christ's sacrifice and resurrection.
Robin A. Brace, 2007.