'Reiki Healing' is Occultic But is Even Now Starting to Infiltrate Churches!

I have recently been warned about the growing influence of 'Reiki Healing.' I had not even heard of this but just a little research proved quite astonishing. This is a wholly new occultic approach to "healing" (well, new to most of us in the West, that is), and it is even now moving forward in influence quite rapidly due to certain New Age teachers.

But what is "Reiki" and where did it come from?
A Buddhist, Usui Sensei, who was a teacher in Japan around 1810-1822, is credited with starting Reiki. The story goes that one day his students asked him if he could perform the same miracles as Jesus; he said that he couldn't but began seeking for greater spiritual/psychic powers from that day. Sensei studied the principles of Hinduism, Buddhism and Zoroasterism. He went to India and Tibet to learn Sanskrit where he was attracted to certain symbols, believing that they held deeper meanings. He went into lengthy mediation and thereafter it is claimed that on the final day of his meditation he saw a light coming towards him which struck him on the forehead. He conversed with the so-called "old masters" who showed him the meaning of the Sanskrit symbols which he memorized. On the way down from the mountain of his meditation he hurt his toe on a rock, held on to it and then, he claims, found that he had healed himself.

Sensei taught the certain principles of how people should behave: he advocated honesty with all and taught that stress should always be avoided. He also believed that there is an unlimited supply of energy available in the universe. He believed that one can transfer the Reiki energy into another person by the laying on of hands. He taught the channeling of Reiki energy from teacher to pupil which he called "attunement." After "attunement" (Sensei taught), practitioners are then able to channel the energy through their hands into other people.

Reiki claims to deal with four levels of human condition - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The Reiki Signature

'Reiki' is not really that new but with the advent of the popularity of alternative therapies this claimed healing method is beginning to gather momentum.

The Reiki practitioner is taught to lay hands in specific positions on certain area of the body, namely the major organs that are the energy centres. The energy passes through the practitioner to the supplicant. The "higher self" of the supplicant then takes this energy and directs it to the sick part of the body.

Reiki practitioners believe that this method was first developed thousands of years ago, long before Jesus, and they claim that they teach the same principles that Jesus taught and that Jesus healed by the Reiki laying on of hands. In other words, the claim is that Jesus only healed by using "Reiki."

To ensure that people put a value on the "gift" of Reiki, Reiki practitioners always charge for their services.

Some reiki devotees advocate use of 'The Labyrinth.' The Labyrinth consists of a single winding path in large concentric circles that leads to the centre. It is similiar to (but not exactly the same as) a maze.

Origins of the Labyrinth certainly lie in ancient mythology and pagan rituals, for instance, the palace of Knossos (in ancient Crete) where the Minotaur is said to have lived. Theseus traveled through the Labyrinth to kill the Minotaur with his double-headed axe called a labrys. This labrys has now come to symbolize feminine power and creativity. Other labyrinths in ancient culture were tied to fertility rites and goddess worship, and feminine power is usually stressed in Reiki.

A labyrinth is an occultic mandala (that is, a circular design supposedly symbolizing the universe), this is all based upon a Hindu meditation process in which the symbol is usually a circular picture with a sun or star at the centre. It is also found in Hopi medicine wheels and Tibetan sand paintings. "It is a sacred geometry based on ancient, sacred knowledge that is universal" (Source: Lauren Artress, an advocate of the concept).

One could say a lot more about these strange and weird practices but, what is clear is that this whole thing is pagan and occultic with strong evidence of occasional demonic involvement.

Yet amazingly and regrettably (I am told), a number of churches have adopted the labyrinth as a meditation tool not having fully researched its true source and origin.

Jean Houston is one of those who have given prominence to the Labyrinth movement. Houston is founder of The Foundation of Mind Research, 1965; The Possible Society, 1984 and The Mystery School.

Her heavily New Age books include, Varieties of Psychedelic Experience, 1966; Mind Games, 1972; The Possible Human, 1982; Listening to the Body, 1979; Lifeforce: The Psycho-Historical Recovery of Self, 1980; The Search for the Beloved, 1987; Sacred Psychology, 1986; The Hero and the Goddess, 1992.

Gordon Melton's New Age Encyclopedia describes Houston as "...a major figure in the human potential movement" (p. 220).

Her influence even reached the White House during the Clinton presidency. During several lengthy stays with Hillary Clinton, Houston apparently led the First Lady into guided imagery meditation sessions to contact and consult with Eleanor Roosevelt (Newsweek, July 1, 1996, p. 26). In other words these "imagery sessions" were really seances with the purpose of contacting the dead!

Reputable souces have also informed me that Houston's "Mystery School" gives students lessons on how to speak in occultic glossolalia (tongues).

Never heard of 'Reiki Healing' ? Neither had we until very recently but beware! With the spread of New Age influences into more and more formerly Bible-believing churches, 'Reiki Healing' could be coming to a church near you very soon!!

Robin A. Brace, 2007.