FIRST YEAR RESULTS (scroll down for explanation):

An Introduction to Indian Religion = 'C'
An Introduction to the Bible = 'B'
Hellenistic Greek I = 'A'
Hellenistic Greek II = 'A'
Introduction to Christian History = 'C'
Introduction to Christian Doctrine = 'B+'
Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion = 'C+'

Comments on these results:
'An Introduction to Indian Religion' was a most tedious module, the idea was to show Christian Theology students how different Christianity is from other religions, and it certainly succeeded in this. I had no idea how many deities most other religions revere or how many contradictions they have to live with. In comparison, Christianity is amazingly unified and coherent even allowing for denominational differences.
I strongly queried my 'C' award in Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion since my coursework had been strong with a very high mark in my essay which had earned individual fullsome praise from lecturer Michael Durrant. As I left the examination table, my feeling was that I had done enough to achieve a good-level 'B' - but as many students learn, odd individual results in university degree modules are not uncommon but are rarely re-assessed. But my final year probably contained my most surprising module result of all.
Robin A. Brace.